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Staying active at home during COVID-19


Regular physical activity is important for our physical and mental wellbeing, but the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can make it challenging to maintain a physically active lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help you to stay active at home during this challenging time.

  • Pick and choose the physical activity that works for you.
  • Even in small spaces, walking is good for you. Consider pacing while on a phone call.
  • Try to stand up and move around more often, especially when you are watching TV.
  • Join a free online exercise class on YouTube.
  • Use home cardio machines if you have them.
  • Walk up and down the stairs for 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Household chores and gardening are also good ways to get moving.
  • Do resistance exercises with elastic bands.
  • Improvise — use canned goods, a gallon of milk, or laundry detergent for weight lifting.
  • There are many free apps that offer guided workouts and routines.
  • Play active games with children.
  • Do an exercise video.



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