Real Life, Good Food

At home without equipment


You don't need anything special to start getting active at home.


Think you need a special space to workout?

Look no further than your own kitchen!  You can strengthen all muscle groups while cleaning up from your last meal.   You don’t need resistance bands or a balance ball to get a total body workout in.  In fact, you can find good equipment with food you already have on hand.

Start this workout by finding some basic items you can use as weights. 

You can use items you already have in your house to add resistance to your workout, making it a little more difficult. A 15 ounce canned food item works well as a free weight, and a bag of flour can be used for a heavier weight. Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be added to some exercises. Watch for more tips on using items from your kitchen to enhance your workout.

Using household equipment as light weights

Once you've found your "weights," try these moves for a full body workout at home.

Nice Work!  You Did It!

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