Real Life, Good Food

Preparing a 2-week emergency food supply


If you and your family need to prepare for two weeks or more of food, pay attention to nutrition needs. Plan food supplies so you all can eat at least one well-balanced meal each day. 

  • Learn to plan nutritious meals and snacks using MyPlate
  • Add to the number of basic foods you normally keep on your shelves. You may find that you have a two-week supply of most staples if you go through your cupboards. So, before you shop, take an inventory of what you already have.
  • Write a plan
  • Make a list of all family members by name and include any special needs like diabetes and allergies.
  • List all staple foods on your shelves now.
  • List all foods in your freezer.
  • Make a list of meals to be served for each day for 14 days -- you can also use the two-week menu kit
  • Foods that keep on the shelf or in the fridge or freezer
  • Heat and serve meals, like frozen dinners or canned soup, need little or no preparation. Dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are lightweight and don't take up much room in the cupboard.
  • Plan nutritionally balanced meals. Camping supply stores are good sources for some compact, well-preserved foods that are good choices for emergency preparedness kits.

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