Fruity breakfast parfait

A bowl of fruit parfait topped with granola
Recipe credit

University of Minnesota Extension Department of Family, Health and Wellbeing staff

About this recipe

Serving size
1/4 of prepared recipe
Time to make
15 minutes preparation
Special criteria


  • 2 cups canned pineapple or oranges, drained 
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries, thawed 
  • 1 cup vanilla or plain yogurt 
  • 1 firm, medium banana, washed, peeled, and sliced 
  • 1/3 cup raisins 
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted (you can top with granola instead!)


  1. Slightly thaw frozen berries.
  2. In clear glasses or mugs, layer pineapple, raspberries, yogurt, banana, and raisins. Put half of each fruit and half of the yogurt in the bottom. Repeat layers.
  3. Top with toasted nuts or a reserved piece of fruit.
  4. Eat promptly or refrigerate and enjoy within 1-2 hours.

Tips and variations

  • Experiment with different fruit and yogurt combinations. If you don’t like nuts, top with granola or crushed cereal instead. 
  • Parfaits are a popular option when preparing food for groups. Layer the parfait ingredients in a large clear bowl. Alternatively, set out the ingredients and small clear glasses and let guests customize their own parfait.
  • This is a great recipe to prepare with young children. Kids may be more likely to try a new food (fruit, etc.) if they make it themselves.

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Nutritional info

Total fat
4.3 g
Saturated fat
0.8 g
3 mg
44 mg
Total carbohydrates
37.5 mg
Dietary fiber
7.2 g
6.1 g
Total sugar
35 g
Tree nuts