Nourish: Cultural Remedies

Food, culture, healing and wellness

Elizabeth Quillo and her daughter Ch'Aska Maria prepping ingredients

Nourish is a video series that celebrates culture and wellness. University of Minnesota Extension health and nutrition educators and SNAP-Ed health and wellness coordinators partnered with community members and families to create an experience akin to entering a mother’s kitchen — where stories and wisdom are shared, and love is expressed to family and friends through food. The videos celebrate Quechua, Dominican, Mexican, Karen, African American, Chinese, Ojibwe and Lakota cultural remedies. 

Food is the uniting force behind these videos. The goal is not only to share wisdom to bring greater health across cultures, but also for viewers from these cultures to feel celebrated and honored. For viewers from outside these cultures, the project demonstrates the many commonalities that exist between and among cultures, while at the same time celebrating the magnificence of our differences. 

The goals of this project are to:

  • Share authentic cultural wisdom related to food and health
  • Celebrate and preserve these teachings

Learn more about the series in the Extension news article, "Nourish and celebrate."