Passion fruit

A whole passionfruit next to a half passionfruit

How to select

Choose plump passion fruit that yield to light pressure. Passion fruit should be dark purple or yellow, orange, or red. Sweeter passion fruit are slightly wrinkled.

How to prepare

Cut the passion fruit in half. Remove the pulp with a spoon and discard the inedible rind. 

How to store

Store unripe passion fruit at room temperature. Once ripened, refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to one week.

Peak season


Ways to use

  • Eat passion fruit with a spoon using the rind as a bowl. 
  • Make passion fruit juice by straining the pulp. 
  • Blend passion fruit into a tropical smoothie. 
  • Mix passion fruit into yogurt.

Fun facts

  • Passion fruit is grown in several places around the world from California to Israel. 
  • Passion fruit originated in Brazil, Paraguay, and parts of Argentina. 
  • The more ripe the passion fruit, the more wrinkly it gets.

Nutrition info and facts

  • Passion fruit is a good source of iron, protein, vitamins A & C, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamins.
  • Purple passion fruit can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. 
  • Extract from the peel of the purple passion fruit has been shown to help treat asthma.

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