Grocery store tour

There are so many choices in the grocery store that it can be hard to know if you are choosing the healthiest options. Our virtual grocery store tour can help you navigate the aisles with confidence. Check out each section below for a video tour of that part of the grocery store.

Introduction video

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Produce section

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a delicious way to fill half your plate. They can be more expensive sometimes, but in this video, we give you tips for saving money on fresh produce.

Foods in the produce section are priced by piece or pound.  To get the best deal, use unit pricing.

Canned fruits and vegetables

Buying canned fruits and vegetables when they're on sale and saving them for when you need them is a great way to make healthy eating more affordable. Since you don't have to worry about them going bad as fast as fresh produce, you can stock up so you always have fruits and vegetables ready to eat. Watch this video for more tips on buying canned fruits and vegetables.

Frozen fruits and vegetables

Buying frozen fruits and vegetables is another great strategy for stocking up on these healthy items to have around whenever you need them.


With so many options in the bread aisle, how can you know if you are making a healthy choice? Watch this video for tips on selecting whole-grain bread.


Beans, either canned or dried, can be a low-cost and lower-fat option for protein foods.


Meat and poultry can be some of the more expensive items on your grocery list. Consider these tips to save money while buying meat.

  1. Check the store ads and coupons for weekly specials and buy an extra package or two when it’s on sale to store in the freezer for later use.
  2. Have you seen a “family” pack or a “value” pack? It’s generally a larger tray with more pieces packaged together.
  3. One way to save money in the meat and poultry aisle is to buy the larger package and re-wrap it at home in smaller meal-sized packages to store in the freezer.
  4. Watch for deals on frozen chicken.  Packages of frozen chicken pieces can be a good value when on sale.


Dairy is a great source of calcium. MyPlate recommends choosing lower fat dairy options. Do you know the difference between the different dairy options? Learn in this video.

In-store dietitians

Are you still feeling a little confused about making healthy choices at the grocery store? Many grocery stores have dietitians working in the store to answer your questions. Look for signs with information about how to find your store's dietitian or ask a store employee if the store offers this service.