Winter activities

Are you looking for something new to try with your family outdoors this winter? 

Here are some activities that are no cost or low cost both at home and in your community.

Take a hike 

Bundle up and explore your neighborhood or community. Check out trails in a city, county or state park near you. Many libraries across Minnesota offer free 7-day passes for families to visit state parks. Tribal members are eligible for a free vehicle permit to Minnesota state parks. Locate a state park near you using the Minnesota DNR state park map.

Try snowshoeing 

Snowshoeing is a great way to get active outside during the winter and it is fun for all ages. All you need to get started is a pair of snowshoes to strap to your winter boots. Low-cost or no-cost snowshoe rental is available at many local parks and recreation departments or city, county or state parks. Park staff can also advise you on the best trails to get started snowshoeing. 

Build a winter obstacle course 

Build your own easy and free obstacle course in the backyard. Use items you already have such as balls, laundry baskets, lawn chairs, and rope to create a course. A fun course uses movements such as jumping, crawling, throwing, balancing, and zig-zagging to keep kids engaged and having fun. 

Have kids walk on a line drawn in the snow then move on to zig-zag through a line of chairs while jumping. Toss a ball or even a snowball into a laundry basket and then finish by crawling under a tunnel made from chairs and sled to the finish line. Time your kids to see who can go the fastest or if they can improve their last time. Get older kids involved to help design a course.

Create a scavenger hunt 

Make a list of items in the backyard for kids to search and find. Use a theme such as "find all red items." Hide recycled items in the snow such as pails, small shovels, plastic toys, building blocks, or recycled cans. See how many things they can find or how quickly they can find all the items.

Get outside and make the most of Minnesota winters but don’t forget to warm up with some soup when you come back inside.